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It must be in stock at the time of Price Match for approved online competitors. It also must be sold and fulfilled by one of the select competitors listed here. Please bring the entire printed ad, or show the online price or digital version of the ad on your mobile device for proof of price. Original receipts or packing slips are required for price adjustments after purchase. We match Target. In-store price matches from other Target stores are excluded. Alaska and Hawaii Target stores are excluded from price matching online competitors. No rain checks will be issued for items out of stock at Target or Target.

Contract mobile phone devices and the associated plans, optical, product services warranties, assembly, etc. Target Circle offers, Target Gift Card offers, Registry completion coupons and Target coupons cannot be combined with price match. Manufacturer coupons will be applied after a price match is made, for in-store purchases only. Please review our Store Coupon Policy for additional details.

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Items containing alcohol will be subject to state-by-state regulations. Alcohol price matching is not allowed for online exclusive retailers e. A local retail competitor for store purchases includes retail stores located in the same market area within a mile radius of your local Target store. A local retail competitor for Target. The store or Target. If the price cannot be validated, Target may decline to price match. Items need to be sold in the same unit of measure per pound vs.

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Non-SuperTargets can't match per-pound items. Pricing, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Local printed ads: Present the entire printed advertisement.

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Photos or photocopies of the ad cannot be accepted as verification of a competitor's printed ad. Digital versions of printed advertisements are accepted. Online prices: Present the price on your mobile device from a qualifying competitor's website or Target.

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A Target team member will then verify the match using a Target device. Screenshots or pictures cannot be accepted. Competitor online items must be in stock at the time a price match is requested. Items do not need to be in stock on Target. Guests who visit a Target store due to out of stock issues on Target. Rain checks are not given for price match requests if items are out of stock at a Target store and Target.

Manufacturer coupons will be applied after the price match is made, in stores only. For details, review our coupon policy. A team member discount can be used when price matching. Please note, online search engines may show a different price from the Target. The correct prices are on Target.

On February 4, , Staples announced a plan to once again acquire Office Depot , which itself had recently acquired OfficeMax in a bid to compete against Staples.

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It was reported that the deal could face antitrust scrutiny for its monopolization of the office supply market, unless growing competition against online retailers is considered a factor as well. In the end of January , it was announced to employees that Staples would be laying off hundreds of workers at their headquarters location. The layoffs were seen by some analysts as a preemptive tactic in case the merger did not receive regulatory approval from the Federal Trade Commission.

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In November , it was announced that Staples had sold its British stores to Hilco Capital for a "nominal" amount, as part of an effort to streamline its international operations following the failed merger. Hilco stated that it would discontinue the Staples brand in the region; the stores were rebranded as "Office Outlet", a new brand retaining the Staples chain's red and white color scheme.

In August , the chain closed some of its stores under a company voluntary arrangement , and underwent a management buyout the following month. In March , Office Outlet went into administration , citing that it had "recently experienced a reduction in credit from key suppliers, given the economic outlook which has severely impacted the financial position of the company. Following the aborted acquisition, Staples began to reposition its operations by promoting itself as a "solutions partner" for the business market, and placing a stronger focus on its B2B-oriented delivery and e-commerce businesses.

In May , the chain began a new advertising campaign with the slogan "It's Pro Time", which largely downplayed its retail operations. Retail , and Staples Canada would be split into three "independently managed and capitalized" entities under Sycamore. With the rebranding, CEO Sandy Douglas who joined the company in stated that Staples was now being marketed as a "worklife fulfillment" company, which he explained was "about helping businesses of all sizes as they create the most dynamic and productive work environments for their teams.

Retail unveiled a new store concept known as "Staples Connect": it is aligned with a similar store concept being trialed by Staples Canada, featuring "Staples Studio" co-working areas and an auditorium-style "Spotlight" theater which can be rented for sessions and events. The new concept will be trialed in the Boston area, while elements of the concept will be implemented chain-wide. Throughout most of the company's history, Staples employed, in its American commercials and advertising promotions, the slogan "Yeah, we've got that.

This slogan was retired in , to be replaced with "That was easy". Expanding on that theme, adverts featured a large red push-button marked "easy". Originally, the "Easy Button" was only intended to be a fictitious button with 'magical' properties, featured in their television advertisement campaign. However, when the adverts appeared, customers began contacting the company to inquire how they could buy one. These buttons were shipped to stores in the United States, Canada and Germany starting in the fall of Sales of the buttons reached 1.

The Staples Snowbot was an advertising character that appeared in the United States, in television and print advertising during the and Christmas seasons. The Snowbot was a robot shaped like a snowman who refuses to let go of the inkjet printer he has fallen in love with. After the printer is wrestled from his grasp, the robot utters a monotone "Weeping. The robot's "Weeping. Another advertisement style is used during its annual back-to-school campaign, in which the Christmas song " It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year " is played while parents joyously shop for school supplies for their children, used for several years beginning in January Later, Alice Cooper appeared in a back-to-school campaign from August Within the ad, a hand is seen selecting various supplies while a girl looks on unhappily. Says Farewell to Competitor Price-Matching

She finally says, "I thought you said, 'School's out forever. Nice try, though.

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The tagline, "That was easy", is heard playing over the company logo, formed to resemble a stapler. During the holiday season, Staples advertising for the first time engaged Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , and other social media platforms. In August , the company started the Staples Foundation for Learning, which supports youth groups and education.

In August , Staples introduced the "Easy Button", a novelty item for offices which is advertised as a fun way of relieving stress. The button does nothing other than say "That was easy" when pressed. Donations also went to the Children's Fund.

Staples is currently trying to pursue developing Staples brand products with green raw materials. The Hanover, Maryland fulfillment center is powered by a 1. In November , Staples partnered with EnergySage to give Staples giftcards to homeowners and businesses that installed solar panels. Staples accepts all used ink and toner cartridges for recycling. Since , ink recycling has been a part of the Staples Rewards program. Staples now gives back two dollars Staples. Ink recycling credit comes to Rewards members as a separate coupon, monthly, instead of the normal quarterly rewards check.

Most customers are able to trade in ten per month for credit, whilst Staples Plus and Premier Rewards members are able to trade in twenty per month. A study by the Wall Street Journal found that Staples displayed different prices to customers in different locations distinct from shipping prices , based on proximity to competitors like OfficeMax and Office Depot.

This generally resulted in higher prices for customers in more rural areas, who were on average less wealthy than customers seeing lower prices. KrebsOnSecurity reported a suspected breach at Staples, [67] On October 20, after hearing multiple banks had identified a pattern of card fraud suggesting that several Staples office supply locations in the Northeastern United States were dealing with a data breach. At the time, Staples would say only that it was investigating "a potential issue" and had contacted law enforcement.

On December 19, , Staples reported that criminals had deployed malware to point-of-sale systems at of their retail stores in the United States. At two stores, the malware may have allowed access to data from purchases made from July 20, through September 16, Overall, the company believed that approximately 1. In addition to selling office supplies, business machines, and tech services, Staples also offers a copy and print center for photocopies , digital printing , faxing , custom business cards , custom rubber stamps , promotional products , binding, lamination , folding, cutting and engraved products.

While many products can be produced in-store, larger, more complex jobs, or jobs requiring special materials such as PVC signs are routed to production facilities in various locations through the country. International shipping is only offered to Canada and Mexico from retail stores in the US. In Canada, most web submission jobs and larger orders, including business cards, posters and books are produced in central production facility in each region. The production facilities operate on a hour basis and orders are shipped to most of the stores within its regions within a day.

Known as 'Instant Business Cards' customers are able to have custom business cards in a matter of hours. Starting in November , Staples began a test called "Heavy Up" primarily using stores in New York state to experiment with the expansion of the offerings by the Staples Tech Center. A subsequent test known as "Double Up" was planned for an unspecified test market and was scheduled to begin the first half of Beginning in early , Staples also launched the "Easy Resident Tech" program, employing one to two resident computer repair technicians to do in-store repair during normal business hours.

The launch rebranded the "Easy Mobile Tech" name with plans to install an 11' x 17' kiosk in every store. The kiosk may vary from store to store depending on its size and volume.